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What does a passionate event musician do when a pandemic breaks out and all events are cancelled? Right: Online Music!

Twitch is a platform where you can enjoy my live music on your computer or laptop while you are sitting, let´s say in your living room or even in your bath tub. 

You can easily enjoy my way of entertainment or choose to chat with me or simply ask me questions - for free.

My community is growing and I really hope that you will a part of it. I am happy for every support! 

I play piano, create live loops and have a songlist of over 200 songs you can choose from. Live!

My streaming times:

Tuesday 6pm CEST

Thursday 6pm CEST

Sunday 1pm CEST - Live Gig


Please check also my discord channel. Sometimes I am busy with shows in real life, I change my streaming plan to adapt then.




Step 1:
Click the button underneath

Step 2:
oin Twitch by creating a username etc.

Step 3:
Find me and enjoy the music!


The best way to support me:
As my lovely community grows I offer some 
merchandise stuff.

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