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Hochzeitsaltar im Freien

A free wedding ceremony gives us the freedom to celebrate your love the way you want.
We are truly independent in any way:
How, when, where and who - You decide!
I'm happy to give you a few ideas to spark your imagination.

I am your trusted partner from the get-go, drawing out the aspects that are special to you, designing and planning your wedding speech from the ground up so that it’s totally unique to you. This service is, quite frankly, the best way to guarantee a heart warming experience that surpasses all expectations.


I will delight in the challenge of how to make your ideas happen. You’ll be supported at any time. Just some of the details you won’t have to worry about: 

  • Finding the right speaker or the right words

  • Worries about sound technique

  • Finding a wedding singer, that can sing your favorite songs


Get in touch to arrange a


or, even better, let's meet up for a glass of wine. 


It is important to me that the many facets that are crucial when writing a wedding speech are completely tailored to you.

The speech reflects what is really important to you for your life and for your love.

No more and no less.


Many times when listening to your speech you will think and feel:

"Yes, that's me! Yes, this is us! Yes, this is our path together!"


It will be:

Definitely not boring

Humorous, but not silly

Dignified, but not stiff

Emotional, but not cheese

Perfect for the most beautiful day in your life!

This is just an example how a free wedding ceremony it could look like. 

Every ceremony is extremely unique.

It could happen in a garden, in a back yard, on the beach, at the pool, on a hill, in the mountains... with me as your singer or with other musicians... with or without music... Just let your imagination flow!

Wedding Ceremony Danilo Gobbetto


I have performed over 300 weddings since 2011.

Experience is one of my core competences from which you can benefit.




I am only there for you on your wedding day.

A speaker performs only one wedding ceremony on the day,

because the focus lays completely on you on this day.




I concentrate on my business: Good wedding speeches and live singing. 

I will be there with full attention and concentrated expertise.


I am pretty passionate about good sounding equipment and this is why I am the owner of high quality event equipment,  that I can use as a speaker, singer and for events and other parties. 


So if you want a wedding ceremony that perfectly suits you as a couple, 

if you would like to experience an individual ceremony and not an off-the-shelf ceremony that already exists... 

and if you want a ceremony that will inspire you and your guests and make your eyes shine, 

then I look forward to getting to know you in a non-binding initial consultation, to introducing you to the nature of my speeches, to explaining my working methods and to explaining the costs & possibilities of an individual free wedding ceremony, so that you can say YES with confidence.




Then I am your wedding speaker for your free wedding ceremony...



With humour and depth. 

With emotion and tears of joy. 

With lightness and appreciation.

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